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Brian Mitchell has a PhD in Psychology from the University of Sydney. He had several years in clinical practice before establishing an international consultancy specializing in performance management.

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Evan Mitchell spent twelve years as a sommelier in fine dining restaurants, and now consults to the hospitality industry on the place of wine within the dining experience. He graduated with honors in English Literature from the University of Sydney with a thesis on psychoanalytical themes in American literature.

The Psychology of Wine is the authors' second book.


Written for both oenophiles and those interested in the behavioral sciences, this volume explores the reasons why wine is so closely linked to the human experience ... a unique approach to the subject of wine. (Book News)

... it's getting harder for humanities teachers to get freshmen and sophomores to appreciate the aesthetic. Recently I've thought of using wine as an example. The translation of drinking into discernment is precisely the kind of differentiation that 19-year-olds need to recognize if liberal education is going to happen for them. So I sometimes bring pages from a book entitled The Psychology of Wine: Truth and Beauty by the Glass... (Mark Bauerlein - The Chronicle of Higher Education)

The Psychology of Wine remains an enduring favorite... ideas grasped from a variety of disciplines and eras mesh together to create an engrossing reading experience, and everything conveyed within the pages seems massively important at the moment... just like a great dinner conversation over a few glasses of wine. ("The Daily Sip", Bottlenotes)

... you have to admire, if not embrace, a wine book that in a single long paragraph invokes Socrates, the philosopher Simon Blackburn and "maiuetic" teaching ... yet remains immensely readable. I'm finding it irresistible... (Robin Garr - WineLoversPage)

In their new book, The Psychology of Wine, Evan and Brian Mitchell explain how wine has evolved to be a mirror reflecting everything it means to be human. It captures our imagination, it's an age-old artistic endeavor, a sensuous experience, and its history tells us a lot about our own... (Wisconsin Public Radio)

There is much pleasure to be had from the book... the Mitchells write with gusto... (Decanter)

How is it that a beverage has influenced philosophers and thinkers since the dawn of history?" Hold up your glass to enlightenment. This book succeeds both as page-turner and brain-teaser ... wide-ranging and erudite. (Anne Schamberg - Journal Sentinel Online)

If you need inspiration for setting the life cycle of wine grapes to prose, poetry, or even a lengthy dissertation, Chapter 5 "The Life of the Vine" (alone) is a must read.This book gently pulled me back into reading something very entertaining, informative, and delightful. Applause to Evan and Brian Mitchell...  (Jo Diaz -  Wine-Blog)

Be you a 'wine geek' or only a sometime imbiber, you will enjoy "The Psychology of Wine", a thorough exploration of wine's "complex, subtle and enduring" roleAuthors Evan and Brian Mitchell break wine description into delightful tales of personal experience to which anyone can relate ... offers equal measures of information and entertainment.  (Fred Delkin - Oregon Magazine)

The Psychology of Wine is a fascinating read. Some of the most refreshing chapters are those focusing on wine criticism without exactly criticizing ... the authors offer open-ended discussions that encourage the reader to develop her own conclusions... (Jenn Garbee - LA Weekly)

What is wine's place in the universe? If you're into waxing philosophical... this book is for you. (Fred Tasker - Miami Herald)

The authors delve into every aspect of wine and our infatuation with it, drawing  on psychology, philosophy, history, literature, film and social commentary, to answer the question: why is wine, wine? In the final chapter they present their provocative conclusion that wine, in a co-evolutionary way, has mirrored itself on human nature ... An intriguing read, the book covers a range of fascinating topics, and well worth adding to your bookshelf. (Sommelier India: The Wine Magazine)

Father-and-son writing  team tackle dozens of scholarly wine-related topics (language, memory, winespeak, terroir, etc.) with references to Homer, Greek philosophers, Shakespeare, Proust, Ursula Le Guin, Charles Darwin, William James, Kingsley Amis, Hannibal Lecter... (James Oliver Cury - Epicurious)

The Psychology of Wine entertains while it educates. Authors Evan Mitchell and Brian Mitchell bring a wealth of wining and dining experience to life. As a foodie, wine lover and travel writer, I particularly enjoyed polishing my wine-speak in Part II "The Language of Wine". The Psychology of Wine is a keeper on my bookshelves. (Lynne Christen - Travel Wisdom)

Armchair philosophers will be enthralled with The Psychology of Wine as it attempts to unravel the mysteries within the glass ... examining the intricate relationship between wine and the human mind and soul. (Gourmet Traveller Wine)

Their quest is exhaustive and no source or possibility is left unexplored. From Camille Paglia to Seneca via Al Pacino and Shakespeare, the Mitchells discover something apposite, funny or wise...This is a unique way to experience wine and like so much of the best product, it's well worth savoring at leisure. (Diana Simmonds - Sydney Alumni Magazine)



PAPER : 7th International WineHealth Conference  "Wine, cultural health, and social cohesion - a modern day challenge."

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